— ECN Trading Model —

Refuse Backstage Mafia

Transaction straight to the market

  • Smooth:Conflict-free enforcement
  • Direct:Order Direct to Market
  • Accurate:Execution point accuracy
  • Fair:Participants provide equal transactions
  • Stable:safer and more efficient trading

— Trading data black box —

Independent Research and Development of Trading Data Black Box

The market usually has at least 200 quotations in one second, and each quotation can be clearly reproduced through the black box of trading data.

Note: This drawing is for effect display only.

— Credit qualification —

Best Foreign Exchange Platform

Integrity trading platform

GOLDEN TANGENT HOLDINGS LIMITED We will continue to provide "open, fair and transparent" trading channels for Chinese investors.

— Capital Security Guarantee —

Guaranteed by major banks

Enjoy the FCA Investor Protection Scheme

International Top Banks Isolate Accounts, GTH does not have the right to touch customer funds

— Cooperative partner —

  • Bank of America
  • HSBC
  • UBS
  • LMAX